Calling Back Your Energy


Calling Back Your Energy should be performed after every Grounding. As a person becomes more adept at it, the process can be performed any time or anywhere.

Visualize a bright orb or star a few inches above your head. This is your star/orb. Write your name on it if necessary. ‘Own it!’ Now call back your energy. Let your energy come to you from wherever it might be – a relationship, a project, your past, your future. If need be, visualize a strong magnet in the orb or star. This magnet will attract all your energy back to the orb or star. Any negative/foreign energy that may be attached to your energy cannot penetrate the orb’s outer shell. Visualize the orb becoming bigger and bigger, filling with your energy.

Now using your hand, touch the top of your head. Pretend you are poking a hole in the top of your head and another hole in the bottom of the orb. (With practice, you will eventually be able to do this with visualization) Now visualize all the revitalized energy pouring back into you through your head. This energy will fill up your feet, legs, body, arms, and head. See the energy filling you up so completely that it spills out your eyes, ears, mouth. See the energy spill down your grounding cord. Once you are certain that you have completely filled your body with your revitalized energy, visualize sealing off the hole in the orb and your head. Thank your orb for working with you and let it float off into the air until it is time to call upon it again.

A word of caution – Other people can feel when you are calling your energy back to you. A person you are involved in a relationship with may feel suddenly insecure. Your boss or coworker may suddenly feel like you are not ‘giving the project your all’. If need be, reassure the person – tell them you have never been more Focused!

A person’s energy has the ability to leave their body and travel elsewhere or reside elsewhere. A person’s energy could be at the place where they work, with a family member, or even tied up in a project that they may be working on. Our energy will go into whatever is occupying our thoughts/actions – whether it is a relationship, a job, worries about the future, and worries about the past. If a person spends too much time (and energy) worrying about the past/future, then that person cannot live and enjoy the present moment.

If a person puts too much of their energy into any one thing, then a person’s health (emotional, mental, and physical) can become unbalanced and illness may occur. Any time a person spends too much time thinking (obsessing) about any one thing or person, this is a sign that that person needs to call back their energy. Calling back your energy will help a person feel more alive and enthusiastic, less confused, and more focused.

An Artist or Writer will often become quite absorbed in the project they are working on – their energy is becoming ‘wrapped up’ in that project. The Artist or Writer will then find it hard to function in the ‘real world’ and do day to day tasks. They need to Call Back Their Energy from the project at hand. Navajo Rug Weavers will leave an odd colored thread running from the edge of their rug into the center of the rug. This is so their energy can escape the rug.

It is most important for people who do clairvoyant or psychic readings to call back their energy at the end of a reading. The energy of the psychic will merge with the energy of the person being read so that the psychic can better understand the ‘readee’. If the psychic doesn’t call back their energy, then the psychic will feel drained and unable to stop thinking about the person that had the reading.

Grounding will also drain a person of their energy. And any time a person is drained of their energy, there is the possibility that undesirable foreign energy can enter into a person’s body. Remember the old saying, ‘Nature abhors a vacuum?’ Well, She does. If a person is empty of their own energy and doesn‘t take action then another energy will enter to fill that void.

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Jeanne Gripp is a Mixed Media and Sculptural Artist, Subtle Energy Worker and Dowser who lives in the heart of the Colorado Rockies. An Animist, Jeanne is also a freelance writer and the Keeper of the blog, The Candy Corn Chronicles.

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