New Moon Manifestation

The new moon is the symbol of new beginnings.  It brings with it strong energies which make it an ideal time to contemplate, set intentions, and manifest your dreams.  Humans have been preforming new moon ceremony’s since the dawn of our existence as a way of reaching out for spiritual wisdom and drawing into their lives what they need and/or desire.


New moon rituals vary between each person/group. I strongly believe that when it comes to manifestation it is best to do what feels right for YOU. For those of you who are new to manifesting I have outlined the steps that I take during my new moon rituals. These steps can be followed any time of the month to manifest, but the new moon brings a certain clarity and energy that amplifies your intentions. You can view the new moon calendar for your location here.

Supplies You Will Need

1. Epsom Salt

2. Sage

3. One or more candles (used to represent fire)

4. Stones or crystals of your choice (used as the earth element)

5. Incense or essential oil burner (used to represent air)

6. A little container of water (for the water element)

7. Pen and paper

8. A fire pit or something safe to burn your intentions in


Other materials such as a scrapbook or cork board for your displaying visions, music for meditation, and anything else that you feel might aid in your manifestation are encouraged.

Preparing Yourself

It is very important to cleanse yourself of negative thoughts and energies before beginning the ceremony.  The best way to do this is by taking an epsom salt bath. Salt water holds a very high frequency, thus it eliminates negative energies, which are a very low frequency, and raises your own positive energies.

Preparing Your Space

Gather all of your supplies and place them on an alter. You can create an alter out of anything. It can even be as simple as a designated space on the floor in front of your meditation area. Take your sage (or whatever herb you decide to use for smudging) and smudge the room or entire house if you would like. Light your incense/oils and candles. I choose to use essential oils and prefer Eucalyptus and Lavender for manifesting. The Eucalyptus is very earthy so it aids in grounding and also soothes your airways making breath meditation more pleasant. Lavender helps relax your mind and body and it also aids in the opening of your third eye.

Ground Yourself

Getting grounded is often one of the most difficult but necessary steps. To ground yourself you can either stand or sit on the bare floor. Imagine a cord going down your spine, through your root chakra, and down past all of the layers and into the core of the Earth. Then imagine drawing the Earth energy up through the cord and into yourself. In this way (but in reverse) you can also release unwanted energy into the earth. To do so just imagine whatever you would like to release flowing down the cord and into the core of the Earth.

Set Your Intentions

Now that you are cleansed and grounded it is time to set your intentions. In order to get clear as to what you want to release or attract I recommend meditating for at least 10 minutes. If you are new to meditation you can view the video below on meditation and third eye activation. After you have become clear on your intentions it is time to write them down. It is important to write your intentions as if you have already received what you are seeking. For example, if you are tired if your dead end job and have always dreamed of starting your own business you could write something like “I have released my dead end job and have become a successful business owner.” As you write each intention imagine what it feels like to have attained what you are seeking. If you are seeking to own a business then imagine what it is like to be a boss. Imagine your place of business, your employees, your customers, the smell in your office, and anything else that makes it seem real. This is very important because it magnifies your intention so that you can receive it sooner.

Release Your Intentions to the Universe

Now that you have written down your intentions it is time to release them to the Universe. The best way to do this is to burn them, preferably outside. When you burn your intentions you are sending them back to the Universe and asking that they come back around full circle to you, and they inevitably will. I like to leave the ashes of the intentions outside for 24 hours after the new moon rises.

Show Your Gratitude

This is by far one of the most important steps that is often overlooked. Take your notebook, recall your intentions, and give gratitude to each intention as if you have already received what you are asking for. Also, writing downy why you are giving thanks amplifies your gratitude.  So, using the previous example you might write something like ” Thank you so much for my successful business because I no longer have to be stuck in my boring 9-5 job.” Do this for each intention that you set. You can also continue to give thanks to anything else that you feel grateful for even if it was not on your list of intentions for this month. You can never have too much gratitude!

Visualise Your Intentions

This is where the real fun starts! Create visuals of your intentions and paste them into a manifestation scrapbook or pin them on a vision board. You can print these images off of the internet, use magazine clippings, sketch your intentions, write affirmations, and so on. Use anything that resinates with you and will remind you of your intentions. Look at these visuals on a daily basis. Remember, where attention goes energy flows and results follow. Update your visions as often as you would like, but at least at every new moon.

Again,  you can add any steps that  you would like. It is most important to be true to yourself and have fun with it!

Happy Manifesting!!


Hi! I'm Irina (Irie) and I started this site as a way to document and share information that I have found useful in my own personal journey towards physical and psychological healing, soul awakening and higher states of consciousness. I am an artist, writer, alchemist, and spiritual student on a lifelong pursuit to attain complete balance between the mind, body and soul. I believe that by coming into complete alignment with oneself we become capable of achieving a harmonious and abundant life. My goal is to encourage everyone to heal and align themselves in order to finally live the life they dream of.

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