Start Outdoor Crops Now!! It’s EASY.


Now is the time to start thinking about your summer vegetable and herb gardens. Try a few packages of heirloom vegetable or herb seeds (if not heirloom, definitely make sure they are non-gmo). If you want to grow your own, especially here in Colorado, start now!!! You must start tomato, pepper, cucumber, and most herb seeds indoors to get good yields in the summer, and right after the new year is when you should start.

1. Select heirloom or non GMO seeds

2. Research online the type of staring medium, propagation tray or container(so many options)

3. Select the growing medium in which your seeds will germinate.(so many options)

4. Sow seeds per the directions on the package
there’s many things to think about when to do this step.
a. consider your growing climate esp. last frost
b. consider how long it takes for that seed to germinate
c. then consider the time it will take for those seeds to be transplantable into a bigger container before they are planted outdoors.

5. you are now ready for all the steps to be put together and make sure your seeds are watered evenly also if your growing medium is dry moisten it with a little water before sowing your seeds.

If you would like a consultation and live in the Denver metro area please feel free to consult Eagle Eye Gardening and Landscaping. They are happy to assist you with any type of gardening need.

Thanks and Happy planting,
Eagle Eye Gardening & Landscaping, LLC


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