Testing the pH of Your Soil


Test the pH of your soil by using baking soda & vinegar.

For Acidity:

Wet about a half cup of your garden soil. add a few pinches of baking soda. If it fizzes it is most likely too acidic for plants to properly grow and produce good yields.

Some solutions to acidic soils: add ashes from wood, adding lime, or bone meal (which great sources of trace minerals), aged compost

For Alkalinity:

Take about half cup soil add cider vinegar. Ff it fizzes the soil is alkaline.

Some solutions to alkaline soils: add peat moss, or sulfur prills

Soil pH varies from plant to plant although most like a pH around
6.0-6.5. neutral is 7

Some plants that like really low pH are hydrangeas, rhododendrons, azealas, gardenias, hollies.
radishes, parsley, sweet potatoes, potatoes, rhubarb, peppers. blueberry, cranberry, gooseberry, currents, apples, grapes, elderberry, rapsberry, strawberry

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