The Top 8 Essential Oils for Healthy Teeth and Gums

Healthy teeth and gums are extremely important in maintaining your overall health, but are store bought toothpastes and mouthwashes the best option for keeping your oral health in tip top shape?

Ever since I can remember I have had issues with my gums and teeth. Over the years I have tried numerous different products, but none have come close to the remarkable effects of the essential oils that I started using in my DIY toothpaste and mouthwash. Below is a list of oils that I use along with their individual benefits.


Peppermint Oil is antiseptic which help to treat pain. It is also extremely effective at killing anaerobic bacteria, the type of bacteria that thrive in a low oxygen environment such as the mouth, and can cause gum disease.

Clove Oil has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for hundreds of years to relieve tooth pain. It helps fight germs and, like peppermint, numbs pain and fights bad breath. Because clove is so intense, make sure to dilute it well before using.

Rosemary Essential Oil is a great disinfectant and takes care of mouth odor.

Tea Tree Essential Oil–helping to fight germs, heal cold sores and kill bad breath.

Myrrh Oil is very good for oral hygiene in that it strengthens gums, and has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil is a germicide that has been reported to fight plaque build-up, gingivitis and prevent cavities!

Lemon Essential Oil is antiseptic, strengthens gums and helps to whiten teeth.

Cinnamon Essential Oil is good for bad breath and has pain-killing properties.

The three most common ways I use these essential oils in oral care are:

  1. Add them to water and use as a mouthwash
  2. Add them to coconut oil and swish in mouth for 10-20 minutes (oil pull)
  3. Mix with coconut oil and a little bit of baking soda to create a paste.

Give these oils a try, your mouth will thank you for it!

Light and Love,



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