Universal Consciousnes- What They Don’t Want You to Know

The documentary “Universal Consciousness and the Metaphysical Aspects of Reality” by Roddy Elmer is an astounding and thought provoking documentary about the way in which world leaders and corporations have used what they know about the true human nature and the inner workings of the mind to brainwash the masses into thinking that we are all powerless beings who are meant to follow the “rules” that are set forth by these same individuals to keep us asleep and under control.

Roddy invites viewers to explore how our ego has come to dominate our consciousness, allowing fear to create a false threat- which in turn influences people to abide by the the same ‘rules’ that are meant to perpetuate the growing fear within the human race in order to keep everyone under control.

As he unravels and reveals the lies which world leaders and corporations have the majority believing, he reminds viewers that we are all “natural human beings” and that we need to move past our fears and take back control of our lives and collectively change the way we live on this planet.

I hope you enjoy this documentary.

Light and love,


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